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Teach Global Health aims to empower educators to develop essential global health curricula for students as they prepare for a variety of pathways, including direct global public health practice, clinical professions, policy, regional planning, law, and a range of other careers.  Participants will gain facility in understanding key global health learning outcomes and competencies, gain an understanding of strengths and challenges of distinct curricular models, explore a range of active learning strategies to address timely issues and concerns in global health, and become connected to a robust community of educators provide foundational theories and create active learning approaches to transform their students into global citizens.  

The Leadership Team and Advisory Board include world experts in global health education. We are grateful for the insight and contributions made by members of our Advisory Board. Our Educator Advisory Board, comprised of Teach Global Health alumni and leaders in educational theory and practice in global health, provide valuable practical guidance from a range of institutions around the globe to ensure our program offers timely and valuable resources and activities for our participants. Our Program Coordinators run most of the day-to-day activities in preparation for our Summer Institute, and as the session nears, you will be in regular contact with these tremendous individuals ensuring program details for a productive workshop. 

** Please note that our board is not finalized and will adjust

as we confirm summer availability for the 2023 iteration of the institute.


Leadership Team

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Educator Advisory Board

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Learn about Global Health
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Global Health Studies (GHS) is an interdivisional program that promotes a multidimensional understanding of local and global health issues, particularly in low-resource regions. It emphasizes the links between health and patterns of economic and social development, and it brings together courses on the environment, ethics, politics, economics, society, and culture.
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